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Services we offer


At European Automotive Service we can work on just about every part of your vehicle.  From the interior to the engine, we have you covered.  Here are just a very few of the services we offer.

Oil Changes

While changing your oil/filter we will check your vehicle over and inform you of other parts of the vehicle that need attention, now or at your next oil service.  We will also set your tire pressures to the manufacturer's specification.

We offer several choices of oil for your vehicle:

Castrol GTX and Syntec
BMW Synthetic
Mobil 1

We only use quality oil filters, such as:


Headlamp Restoration with BG products.

Headlamp Restoration with BG products.

Headlamp Restoration

Are your headlamps yellow or hazy? 

This makes your vehicle look bad, not too mention it can impair nightime visibility.
We can restore them to like brand new! 
The price for our restoration service is only $99.95 and is guaranteed for 3 years.

Our Diagnostic Scanner

Need your Volvo's service light reset?  Our tool will do it!  As far as we know, we are the only shop in the Tyler/Whitehouse area with a diagnostic tool to reset the service light on a Volvo.  This tool will also allow us to diagnose almost every system on any other vehicle too. 

The systems include:

ABS and Traction Control 
Air Bag
Climate Controls
Service light reset



Here are a few products we offer here at European Automotive Service.


ATE Brake Fluids:

Super Blue/Typ200

The choice of most driving and track enthusiasts. High wet and dry boiling points. Alternate Super Blue and Typ200 when flushing your full system to indicate when the fluid has been changed.

Sold in 1 Liter cans: $11.99 ea


Red Line Gear Oils:


A GL-5+ and GL-6 spec oil, preferred for use in conventional and LSD differentials. Contains limited-slip friction modifiers for decreased noise and better wear from clutch-type LSD units. Suitable for street and track.

Sold per quart: $10.59 ea.



Red Line Manual Trans Fluids:

MTL (manual transmission lube) - A 70W80 GL-4 gear oil for use in manual transmissions on both street and track.

MT-90 - A 75W90 GL-4 gear oil recommended for use in manual transmissions on the track.

Sold per quart: $10.59 ea. 



Powerflex Bushings

Powerflex Urethane Bushings:

Poor Handling? 

Fast Tire Wear? 

Braking Instability?

Powerflex urethane suspension bushings address all these problems.  Additionally, these quality parts often address flaws in factory bushings that result in premature failure - even under normal street driving conditions.  From pure street to serious performance, Powerflex urethane bushings have you covered!